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2013 vw jetta tdi problems

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It first went on sale in the United States in the s, joining a very limited number of diesel models from European automakers available in America. The Jetta TDI is known for its excellent fuel economy and overall quality, but there are several known issues that drivers and potential owners should be aware of. One problem with some Jetta TDIs is difficulty in starting the engine, or an engine that won't start at all. This can happen for several reasons, but in many cases it is related to the glow plugs, which diesel engines use to produce ignition instead of spark plugs.

A lack of electricity to the engine due to faulty wiring or a discharged battery may be to blame. A known issue with the Jetta TDI involves improperly assembled driveshafts. This problem, which stemmed from Volkswagen's failure to properly install screws on a driveshaft cover plate, was the subject of a recall for more than 25, vehicles in In the worst cases, the driveshaft cover could detach and leak oil onto the road.

The Jetta TDI has also suffered from problems with its automatic transmission. This was the cause of another recall that involved some 16, Volkswagens. The recall was enacted to correct faulty wiring in the Jetta's direct shift gearbox, which could cause the transmission to shift into neutral without warning, putting the driver in danger of crashing. A common Jetta problem involves smoke coming from the exhaust system, either during hard acceleration or, sometimes, normal driving.

Smoke is usually the result of the engine burning oil, which happens during the normal break-in period for a diesel engine. However, smoke coming from an older engine can indicate several problems including improper timing of the fuel-injection system, clogged injectors, a clogged air filter or poor quality or contaminated fuel.

One series of problems with the Jetta TDI are simply related to its use of diesel fuel and may not indicate faulty components. Burning a small amount of oil is normal for diesel engines, but some drivers find this troubling or complain about the need to occasionally add engine oil.

Smoking A common Jetta problem involves smoke coming from the exhaust system, either during hard acceleration or, sometimes, normal driving.

Performance Issues One series of problems with the Jetta TDI are simply related to its use of diesel fuel and may not indicate faulty components.User Name Remember Me?

We worked with the dealer trying to resolve the issue but after 5 or 6 service attempts opted for our money back. Does anyone know if this problem still exist? If your problem had to do with the transmission not sure if you had DSG or not then maybe the DSG just wasn't for you.


If so, go with a manual. Personally, I love my and haven't had any problems and am usually quick to recommend any car with the 2. We had the manual transmission, the engine hesitation usually occurred as the engine was heating up from a cold start. A search on this site indicates the problem was common with the TDI 2.

2013 vw jetta tdi problems

If the intercooler issue has not been addressed since are you saying new manual transmission TDI models cold still have this hesitation issue? I wasn't aware of any issues with the manual transmission and what you describe doesn't sound like the intercooler issue.

Could you provide links to what you're talking about? The only "hesitation" issues I had I found were the results of some poorly designed hill assist. I have seen absolutely no sign of a hesitation while driving, in any temperature, of which I liver where there is a big range. One isolated incident of a "possible" intercooler issue with a rough start up stumbling enginewhich cleared in a few seconds, but it could have been a number of things, including fuel, etc.

I didn't pay enough attention at the time, so it is unconfirmed as to what the cause was. Not that this helps you cause, but I accepted it as a design feature and never really thought much of it.

Seeing there have been multiple software revision since the s have been out I'm sure the issue has been mitigated but probably won't ever go away. It's more of nature of the beast some people drive so they notice it, some would never notice anything unless the engine drops from the mounts and is being dragged under the car.

I have noticed it before as it almost feels like a random missfire in the gas world and then no issues for a long time.

A lot of people say when they got tunes it went away. I think there is probably some condition with the software parameters that well cause the little hiccup. I'll probably just get a tune eventually to remedy it and get some power. In the nearly five years I've owned my '09, I've experienced this about 3 or 4 times. From my perspective, it has not been a big deal and it wouldn't be a factor that would keep me from buying again.

I think you may have had some car specific issues that went beyond the 'few and far between' occurrences that some folks may experience. My Jetta has hic-cupped since new in 3rd gear. It is almost like it completely shuts off for a second. I live with it. I have a manual.Worried about potential repair costs?

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An extended warranty can provide peace of mind. See our lemon odds and nada odds page to see vehicles with no repairs or vehicles with more than three repairs. To see how frequently Volkswagen Jetta problems occur, check out our car reliability stats.

2013 vw jetta tdi problems

See most expensive repairs Worried about potential repair costs? Chart based on 6 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance. VW dealer refused to cover it. Had new clutch put it at trusted independent shop. Took 3 weeks at dealer to discover - "high cambus wire on shifter cable rubbing on metal frame behind heater core causing short in system losing control to multiple control modules".

Symptoms: hard jerk when taking off from a complete stop, constant starting and stopping the engine when at a complete stop, refusal to enter "e-mode" or switch to battery power. Turns out a leak likely caused the problem.

2013 vw jetta tdi problems

See TrueDelta's information for all Sedans. See TrueDelta's information for all Volkswagen models. Clutch broke while in previous repair. Car died on road, engine on but transmission not engaging. Mechatronics and transmission oil replaced. Clutch assembly had to be changed.User Name Remember Me? Any issues with Jetta TDI? I'm looking to purchase another Jetta TDI.

I have an 06' TDI with 96k miles and found a with 28k miles. Any known issues with this year? I'm not looking to sell my 06' it's actually my son's.

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TDI s : 05 Passat sedan and 05 wagen. But if you feel you must take the plunge the car has to be extremely cheap. That's the advise I wanted to hear. What are the potential engine problems? Originally Posted by jsmith I've seen a few folks been flatly denied for a failed hpfp if they go beyond k and it happens to them.

Shoot a few have reported that if the fuel filter nozzle protector isn't installed vw will outright deny you. Case in point So word from the wise, make sure the misfueling guard is installed. My 13 has right at K miles on it and lots of the pain points have been corrected on mine permanently. That being said, if the buy out is generous from dieselgate, I will most likely go to a TSI wagon next Too many unknowns with the current CR engines Originally Posted by seth Thread Tools.

All times are GMT The time now is TDI Club Cards.If you have a, or Passat 2. To settle the lawsuitVolkswagen agreed to give car owners a choice: 1 VW would modify their cars to improve emissions, plus give them a cash payment; or 2 VW would buy back their cars.

2013 Volkswagen Jetta repairs by problem area

Actually the warning sign may come on when you drive in the 70s. I reached 70 and my warning light chimed. I wish I never purchased a car from VW. Paying for a car that wont allow me to do the actual speed limit.

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Also, do not use this blog to report fraud; instead, file a complaint. Get Email Updates. Federal Trade Commission Consumer Information. Search form Search. Share this page Facebook Twitter Linked-In. November 5, by Lesley Fair. If you got the engine modification for your, or Passat 2.

When driving at higher speeds — typically over 80 miles per hour for 15 minutes or longer — Passats with the modification may not inject enough diesel exhaust fluid.The 6 speed auto transmission is one of the most unresponsive that I have ever driven. The engine is underpowered. Throttle response is not smooth. Initially the car does nothing then surges. The transmission is too reluctant to downshift making for a frustrating drive.

The transmission downshifts much too slowly.

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Mash the throttle and I sometimes forget that I've done it as the seconds count down seconds. That can be dangerous is you try to jump lanes. Interior feels unusually cheap for a VW. No cup holders in the rear. No cruise control.

Used Volkswagen Jetta Buyer's Guide

Rear view mirror can obstruct. My folks have a Jetta TDI Sportwagen, so I had the pleasure of driving their car on occasion, and was immediately hooked on its performance and power, with such incredible fuel economy. We have 2 sons, and it transports the 4 of us around very comfortably.

We get about 38 around town, and have gotten 51 on freeway trips. Love the V-tex Leatherette interior--so easy to clean. Just a great all-around vehicle. I bought my Jetta 2. I work as an outside salesperson and was looking for a car that would get great gas mileage and still have some style.

I did not have a Jetta in mind, but the mileage and price were both right, so I test drove it and to my surprise liked it a lot despite it being fairly vanilla on the style front. After four months, this car represents who I am very well, a business man.

The looks are nice and clean. Not too boring, but not extroverted. The ride is generally compliant, quite nice on the interstate but very firm on rough pavement. Impressed with the highway mileage which has been 37 mpg. This has been a great car. I am 45 years old this week, only owned 4 cars prior, 1 Nissan and 3 Volvos. VW Jetta has been great, no issues at all. Very affordable Volvo out-priced me and stopped selling 4 series.See the Back button — blue bar at the very top of the page — to explore more.

Add your complaint? My timing chain tensioner failed and bent 14 valves. All 4 cylinders had zero compression.

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Volkswagen represents in the warranty and maintenance schedules that the tensioning system is expected to last for aboutmiles without the need for repairs. In fact, according to the plaintiff, owners are provided manuals that do not show any timing chain system inspection or maintenance schedules at all. Add Complaint.

2013 vw jetta tdi problems

A failed tensioner causing the timing chain to snap and bend the valves. While driving through high wind, the driver side mirror plastic protector fell off. The ac unit needed complete replacement costing and now the ideal while turning on car is very high.

Do you have a 2012, 2013, or 2014 VW Passat TDI?

Sound almost like it did when I had to take it in for the electrical recall in the last years. Doors are squeak when opening and closing. And while driving a noise that sound like chains rattles through out the car which is a very irritating sound. Driving on interstate. Lost power. Went from 70 to 25 mph almost instantly. Limped along berm to exit 2. Shut off engine. Restarted engine. Loud clattering sound.

Shut off engine as smoke rolled from under hood. Turbo failure. No warning lights leading up to event. Dealer has photos.

Do you have a 2012, 2013, or 2014 VW Passat TDI?

My car displays no problems on the dash, there are no lights on but when I am driving the car stalls and sometimes just shuts off locking my brakes and steering. Usually happens when the car is going under 20mph. After it shuts of I have to put it in park to restart and it restarts without a problem. The contact owns a Volkswagen Jetta. While driving at a low speed, the vehicle stalled without warning.

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